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Mastering Compliance: Thriving under Hong Kong's New Crypto Regulations

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Urszula McCormack

Urszula McCormack


King & Wood Mallesons

Robert Zhan

Robert Zhan

Director Risk Consulting



Jonathan Gill

Senior Tokenisation Director & Legal Advisor



Ian Lee

Moderator | Director Global Partnerships and Strategic Accounts

Merkle Science

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As of June 1, 2023, a groundbreaking regulatory regime revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry in Hong Kong. This change allows retail investors to participate while requiring cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain virtual asset service provider (VASP) licenses. The transparent and robust framework has attracted the attention of influential investors and sparked a collaboration with the UAE.

Join our webinar to equip your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex compliance landscape, ensure adherence to regulatory standards, and navigate the path to sustained growth and profitability.

Topics covered:

Decoding Hong Kong's New Crypto Regulations: Unraveling the Core Objectives, and Implications.

Unraveling the Regulatory Framework: Exploring Licensing Requirements, Asset Custody, Registration Process, and Effective Compliance Strategies

Addressing Compliance Challenges: Identifying, Exploring, and Building Robust AML/CFT Compliance Programs

Implications for Retail Crypto Trading: Analyzing Legalization, Regulatory Safeguards, and Consumer Protection

Key Considerations for Crypto Businesses: Unveiling Ramifications, Adapting Business Models, and Capitalizing on Opportunities

Exploring diverse approaches to crypto regulation across the globe Investigating, Spotlighting, and Identifying Collaborations


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