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Unlock Enhanced Compliance and Risk Screening with Merkle Science's Compass

Don't miss out on Free Trial* of Compass, the endpoint for compliance and risk screening, thoughtfully designed for transaction monitoring. This exclusive offer underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for real-time transaction monitoring.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is applicable to new customers only.
  2. Limited to 500 screenings in 3 months, including re-screenings of the same address.
  3. API integration with our endpoints will be required for this offering.
  4. Compass UI will have limited viability or access.
  5. Customer support will be limited to “email support” only.


What our Customers Say

The Merkle Science platform, with its comprehensive capabilities and focus on compliance, will be a very valuable resource for the Hedera ecosystem. The integration of HBAR and HTS tokens will provide critical infrastructure needed to support an increasing number of Hedera implementations in the regulated financial space.

Sabrina Tachdjian

Head of Fintech & Payments, HBAR Foundation

With Merkle Science we enhance our compliance standards in the view of our commitment to getting regulatory approvals. Creating a safe trading environment for our customers is one of our priorities and AI powered tools are a great step forward in this direction.

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Richard Olsen

CEO & Founder, Lykke