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Navigating the Crypto Crime Labyrinth: Investigation Tips from Start to Recovery

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Richard Reinhardt

Richard Reinhardt

FinCrime Investigator

Former U.S. Treasury (IRS-CI & DA)


Matthew Swenson

Chief Executive Officer

Black Rainbow Group


Ryan Gray


Former Law Enforcement


Building on the first webinar's foundations, this second webcast focuses on the crypto crime investigation process, providing practical suggestions and methods from the start of an investigation to the final stages of asset recovery. This session is designed for law enforcement professionals looking for hands-on instruction and actionable ways to understand and handle difficult cryptocurrency investigations in this multichain world. Join the webinar where our panelists share their professional insights on:

  1. Practical Methods for Decoding Blockchain Transactions
    Using deciphering and interpreting approaches for blockchain transactions and data, augmented by relevant case studies, to deliver practical insights into blockchain investigations.

  2. Transaction Tracing Across Cross-Chain Platforms
    Dive into the intricacies of tracking transactions via cross-chain mechanisms, including swaps, bridges, and aggregators, which are critical for understanding asset flow in a decentralised system.

  3. In Crypto Investigations, Navigating Blockchain On-Ramps and Off-Ramps
    Learn about the crucial function of on-ramps and off-ramps in the blockchain, where fiat currency is swapped for cryptocurrency and vice versa, and how to detect and monitor these vital locations to track down illegal financial transactions.

  4. Understanding and Analyzing VASP Data Requests
    Learn how to legally request and strategically analyse data from VASPs, which is an important step in cryptocurrency investigations.

  5. Tactical Crypto Asset Recovery Blueprint
    Understand complete tactics for tracking and recovering crypto assets, overcoming obstacles, and implementing best practices for asset recovery success.

We are committed to fostering a community of knowledge and collaboration in the realm of crypto-crime investigation. Stay tuned for updates, resources, and information to help you efficiently navigate this ever-changing world.


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