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Webinar on Insuring the Cryptosphere: Understanding The Crypto Risk


As the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry continue to expand at a rapid pace, creating the infrastructure necessary to enable crypto’s safe and healthy growth is key — and developing products to ensure that the crypto industry has the ability to mitigate and hedge risk is now paramount. For insurance and brokers, the opportunity surrounding the $3 trillion crypto industry is huge and can no longer be ignored as companies are springing up all around the world looking to reimagine the way that we transact value through digital assets.

In this session, our panel of experts will discuss:

  • Innovation in insurtech - how the insurance industry is approaching crypto risk today and how the gap between the financial innovators and insurers may be bridged
  • Perceptions and appetite for placing and underwriting current and emerging crypto risks
  • Defining and measuring the anatomy of a crypto risk
  • The opportunities and challenges of accurately and confidently insuring digital asset businesses and crypto assets
  • Driving adoption and improving consumer protection - the potential impact insurance can have on the crypto industry and its customers

About Merkle Science

Founded in 2018, Merkle Science is the next-generation predictive cryptocurrency risk and intelligence platform that helps crypto companies, financial institutions, and government entities detect, investigate, and prevent illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies. Merkle Science’s proprietary Behavioral Rule Engine enables our tools to go beyond blacklists so that compliance teams may fulfill their local KYC/AML obligations and industry players may stay keep pace with the industry’s increasingly complex illicit activities. Merkle Science envisions a world powered by crypto and is creating the infrastructure necessary to ensure the safe and healthy growth of the cryptocurrency industry as it becomes a key pillar of the $22 trillion financial services ecosystem. We enable businesses to scale and mature so that a full range of individuals, entities, and services may transact with crypto safely. For more information on Merkle Science, please visit our website.