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Cracking the Code: Crypto Crime Trends and Law Enforcement Strategies

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Justin Maile

Chief Executive Officer



Matthew Swenson

Chief Executive Officer

Black Rainbow Group


Neal Singh

Head of Product

Merkle Science (Moderator)

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In an era where cryptocurrency is increasingly embedded in the global financial ecosystem, law enforcement agencies face a novel set of challenges. The rise in scams, hacks, ransomware attacks, and a plethora of other crypto-centric criminal activities has created an urgent need to recalibrate investigative methodologies. This new battleground, fueled by decentralized technologies and cross-chain hopping, requires a pivot from traditional crime-fighting techniques. Watch the webinar where our panelists share their professional insights on:

  1. Transparency and Accountability in Legal Proceedings: Evaluating the legitimacy of blockchain forensics as evidence and strengthening transparency with clear audit procedures for attribution/clustering models, multi-vendor collaboration, and beyond.

  2. Closing the Crypto Knowledge Gap: Exploring the state of law enforcement's cryptocurrency understanding and strategizing on closing the divide between traditional investigative paradigms and blockchain forensic prerequisites.

  3. Inter-agency Synergy & Data Prioritization: Delving into data request lifecycles, emphasizing collaboration and public-private partnerships for effective case prioritization and legitimacy assessment in addressing crypto crimes.

  4. Blockchain Transactions: Decoding & Interpretation: Utilizing techniques to decipher and interpret blockchain transactions and data, enriched by relevant case studies, to provide actionable insights into blockchain investigations.

  5. The Blueprint of Tactical Crypto Asset Recovery: Discussing best practices and challenges in tracing assets off-ramp to exit nodes.

  6. Prosecution Paradigms: Exploring evidence extraction from the blockchain and its courtroom standing, highlighted by a look at landmark prosecutions and their success formulas.

We are committed to fostering a community of knowledge and collaboration in the realm of crypto-crime investigation. Stay tuned for updates, resources, and information that will empower you to navigate this ever-changing landscape effectively.


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